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How to Manage Holiday Stress & Dementia Caregiving

By Home Care Assistance, 9:50 pm on December 3, 2017

Ways caregivers can approach the holidays when their loved one has dementia Providing dementia care is mentally, physically and emotionally challenging. Coupled with the stress to plan, shop, decorate and prepare for the holidays, caregivers often feel overwhelmed as they learn how to care for a parent with dementia. Keep these stress-busters in mind as you meticulously plan and prepare to hang stockings and make things merry and bright while providing care to a parent with dementia. No Two Days are the Same Every case of dementia is as unique as the person living with the disease. And caregivers are just as individual.1 What might work with one person, may not work with another in …

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How Nutritional Needs Change for Seniors and What You Can Eat For Good Health

By Home Care Assistance, 2:00 pm on November 19, 2017

The Secret to Eating Well for Healthy Longevity Nutrition is a never-ending concern since what you eat impacts the quality of your life whether you are a child, adult or senior. Food is vital to life. You know it is important to “eat right” but as you age it can become harder to know which foods are good for you. Nutritional needs change for seniors. Even the taste, smell and texture of food can change making it hard to eat for good health. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy in your golden years though! Good nutrition is delicious and satisfying. You might even find that the foods recommended for good health are ones you …

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How Aging Research Will Reshape Our Lives

By Home Care Assistance, 5:43 pm on November 5, 2017

New research into the science of genomics may influence how we age, our capacity to build brain health and the likelihood of healthy longevity Aging research has shown that longevity is indeed a heritable trait, estimated to be about 20 to 30 percent genetic. But that doesn’t mean you’re destined to follow in your parents or grandparents’ footsteps. There are many things you can do even if your personal leaf isn’t part of the family tree with longevity and/or optimum brain health. New research published in June 2017 in Nature, says the maximum human lifespan could jump to 125 years 1. “Several variables play a role in healthy longevity, including social community, exercise, and a sense of …

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Why Perfectionism Causes Caregiver Burnout

By Home Care Assistance, 4:30 pm on October 15, 2017

If you’re a caregiver and a perfectionist, you may be facing an uphill battle. Caregiving is a demanding job and it’s critical to accept that not everything will be perfect. As a caregiver, there are many things you cannot control and at the end of the day the most important thing to do is to let go of chasing perfection and simply aim to do your best. This piece will review the negative effects perfectionism has on caregiving. The Right Mindset to Prevent Caregiver Burnout Throughout our entire lives, people, maybe even the person you’re caring for, have told us that “nobody’s perfect.” That phrase applies to caregiving more than pretty much any other situation …

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6 Ways to Help Seniors Stay Physically Active as They Age

By Home Care Assistance, 9:08 pm on September 10, 2017

As we age, remaining physically active can become more difficult and exercise seems as though it takes a greater toll on our bodies. In fact, those are precisely the reasons as to why it’s so important for seniors to continue exercising. There are tons of benefits in staying physically active as you age 1, from reduced blood pressure to lower stress levels and diminished symptoms of anxiety and depression. The amount of benefits from exercise can go on and on. Below are some great ways to promote healthy aging through physical activity. Starting Out Low-Level Physical Activity It may not seem like much, but even walking around the house can make a huge difference in heart …

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How Dementia Caregivers can Help Overcome the Grief of a Loved One’s Decline

By Home Care Assistance, 4:12 pm on August 27, 2017

Grieving can be a highly personal and complicated experience when a loved one is faced with dementia. Caring for a loved one with dementia, unfortunately, involves watching your loved one slowly decline. This process can be frustrating because, although you want to do everything you can to slow the progression of the disease or stop the disease from spreading, there is nothing you can do. Learn to be in the moment with your loved one and cherish each moment you have with him or her. The journey of caring for someone with dementia is a difficult one, and the grieving process will be different for each person. Those who have lost someone to dementia will …

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How to Reduce Compassion Fatigue and Caregiver Burnout

By Home Care Assistance, 6:50 pm on August 6, 2017

Physical, emotional and mental exhaustion can signal dangerous levels of stress for caregivers Compassion fatigue and caregiver burnout share many of the same symptoms and causes. Both can be caused by sustained exposure to suffering, the stress of caregiving and watching a loved one decline steadily. Those who care for loved ones with dementia can’t slow the progression of the disease and that causes extreme levels of stress. The inability to detach oneself from the situation can lead to levels of stress that result in both compassion fatigue and caregiver burnout. To lessen levels of stress here is more information about what steps you should be taking to improve your overall mental and physical health. …

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Long-Distance Caregiving: The Three Most Unexpected Emotions

By Home Care Assistance, 6:55 pm on July 30, 2017
Tips for Senior Medical Appointments

As a long-distance caregiver, you are probably filled with worry and exhaustion. You may also experience feelings of guilt, doubt and resentment toward your loved one. While these emotions may be unwelcome and may make you feel uncomfortable, they are not unusual among long-distance caregivers. You can find a way to cope with these emotions while facilitating long-distance caregiving. Here are a few steps to start: How do you cope with guilt? It may help to change a few things; call more, visit more if you can, and send cards and letters. The more you increase your communication and connection to your loved one, the less guilty you may feel. Accept your limitations. Realistically, you may not …

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Tips for Senior Medical Appointments

How Caregiving Will Change Over the Next Ten Years

By Home Care Assistance, 11:04 am on July 23, 2017

Technology changes everything and that includes caregiving. Over the next ten years, it promises to make caregiving easier and improve the ability to care for loved ones. Whether you’re a dementia caregiver or long-distance caregiver, there are more and more resources to help with caregiving every day. The human touch will also be needed to avoid isolation and depression and those who look into the future have a good idea of how that can improve too. Advances that support caregivers are essential as the demographics of the United States change. The population is aging and Baby boomers have fewer children than their parents did. As a result, there will be more seniors and fewer children to care for …

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How Long-Distance Caregiving Impacts Work Productivity

By Home Care Assistance, 8:37 pm on June 26, 2017

We have written a lot about the physical and emotional impact of being a long-distance caregiver, along with the high levels of stress that can lead to caregiver burnout. There is one more important issue to discuss and that is the impact that long-distance caregiving responsibilities can have on work. Caregiving duties can easily disrupt work schedules and career paths. A national study of 1,130 long-distance caregivers conducted by the National Alliance for Caregiving with Zogby International looked at the impact of caregiving on work and the MetLife Mature Market Institute℠ published a report on the findings. It paints a picture of compassionate caregivers who are struggling to balance caregiving, their personal life, and work. …

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